Friday, December 17, 2010

Update on the transition

Things are coming along nicely. We are quickly getting near a closing date on our new house and that is pretty exciting. We have lots of stuff to move and really want to get it out before the end of the month. With my trip to Haiti coming up very soon, getting settled in as best we can as soon as we can is going to be crucial.

Speaking of Haiti, I am headed to see a doctor today to get a pre-Haiti check-up. It is later than I should have scheduled it but that is just how it worked out. I am expecting that I will need a Hepatitis A & B immunization since I didn’t get one as a child and I also need a prescription for anti-malaria medication. Hopefully things will calm down in Haiti soon so we can go ahead with our flight into the country, it is a bit worrisome that the rescheduled election are set at right about the same time as our trip and close on the heels of the one year anniversary of the earthquake. It has been a pretty tough twelve months, even by Haitian standards, with the earthquake, cholera outbreak and political unrest.

As I mentioned, I have been in touch with some folks meeting after the New Testament pattern in Fort Wayne and I am greatly encouraged by that. It is going to take a lot of patience because starting a fellowship in our home, especially as remote as we are going to be, is going to take time and be full of setbacks and ups-and-downs. We are just going to trust in God’s direction and see what happens.

Looking forward to a nice weekend at home, although a busy one to be sure. Until we get a closing date there is going to be a great deal of uncertainty hanging over us. Will we close on Tuesday? Thursday? After Christmas weekend (which would be bad)? Moving ten plus beds, ten plus dressers, appliances, a gun safe, a whole pile of computers, a 90 gallon aquarium plus several smaller ones, box upon box of books, a bunch of rabbits, several pigeons, four cats and a puppy is no mean task. Here’s hoping we don’t leave any kids behind!


Laura J said...

God brought you to this, and He'll bring you through it. If there's work in Haiti for you, He'll get you there.

Arthur Sido said...

Hey Laura J! Thanks, I am confident His will is going to be done here and everywhere else!