Thursday, December 16, 2010

So about those animal sacrifices in the Old Testament

I should have known better than to click on a link that a) led to the webpage of the left wing rag The Huffington Post, b) was written by Bruce Friedrich, a Vice-President of PETA and c) carries this catchy title: An Advent Reflection on God and Animal Cruelty

Because of course the Advent season is all about ending "animal cruelty", i.e. eating animals.

Yeah and it actually was nuttier than I expected. Given that the author is from PETA, that is to be expected. Check this out and pay close attention to the last sentence:

All the questions that are put forth in favor of eating animals (e.g., "Didn't God put animals here for our use?" and "What about animal sacrifice in the Bible?" and "What about the loaves and the fishes?") don't address the fundamental fact that eating God's creatures causes needless suffering. None of the common rationalizations address the points I've discussed above. None of them respond to the fact that today, eating God's creatures is inextricably linked to their abuse. If you are eating meat, you're paying others to deny God's animals their natures, and to abuse them. Even the very few organic and small farms abuse animals in ways that would be illegal if done to dogs or cats.

So the issue here is not "factory farming", it is the consumption of animals for any reason. Even small scale farming is not OK. I like his tactic of throwing out the very legitimate questions people might have, like Jesus eating fish on many occasions, God commanding animals to be slaughtered in the Old Testament and God giving animals to man to use for food (Genesis 9:3). Right after the Fall, God provided animals skins for Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:21) (and you can be sure that the animals who gave up their skins died first). Then he claims that none of those objections, which clearly show his argument to be false on its face, are legitimate and none of them address his contentions, which they do, while making no attempt to even pretend to address the issues that he himself raised. I imagine that the average reader of the Huffington Post will not notice that he points out the very facts that undermine his argument and refuses to address them.

I expect foolishness from PETA but this is both kooky and incredibly bad theology all wrapped into one. In honor of this silliness I am going to get me a bucket of KFC or something similar tonight for dinner and praise God for His providence in providing yummy animals for our sustenance.


Les said...

I'm going to eat a big, juicy burger in a bit just to celebrate God's goodness.

By the way, has anyone else noticed how livid people still are at Michael Vick? I mean many Christians! Posting all over the place that Vick should be in jail still or at the least shouldn't be allowed back in the NFL?

Yet, from those same Vick naysayers I never hear/see outrage over baby slaughter? Did they protest so much a few years ago when a very high profile NCAA basketball coach was found to have tried to pay for his girlfriend's abortion? Hmmm?

Anyway, eat more beef (or chikin if you're a Chick-fil-A cow).

Aussie John said...


I don't comment much because you would be bored with my agreement with most of your writing.

You are so right with this article.

These people humanize animals, regarding them as equals, and attributing to them all the qualities God gave to humans.

I have yet to see one of them give animals free access to their homes.

Eric Holcombe said...

(At the risk of making an appeal to authority) Homer Simpson said: "if God didn't want us to eat animals, He wouldn't have made them taste like meat."

Arthur, thanks for reading HuffPo so I don't have to.

Arthur Sido said...

Eric, if you only knew the trials I go through for this blog.

Speaking of Homer:

Oh sure Lisa, bacon, ham and pork all come from one magical beast.

Mmmmmm, magic beast.


Les said...

The Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources had this to say today after one deer was rescued on an icey section of the Mississippi River and one deer had to be left behind,

"It is not that the DNR or anyone else doesn’t care,” McCloud said. “It’s just that we value human life above all else and to put someone in danger under these conditions, a human being in danger under these conditions, would not be the responsible thing to do.”

Proud of my DNR.