Monday, December 27, 2010

Descended from monkeys or from parrots?

I saw this quote referenced today in the Wall Street Journal:

We desperately need to retain a large chunk of the population who will adamantly refuse to believe anything that they don't understand for themselves. Far better for children to reject Darwin's theory of evolution because they can't believe we came from monkeys than to teach them to repeat the theory by rote as if we were descended from parrots.

Lee Harris "The Next American Civil War"

I haven’t read the book, I don’t know the context or the author’s position and I can’t confirm the quote but I absolutely can confirm the sentiment. The farcical notion that America will be more enlightened because we teach our kids to accept evolution on faith instead of accepting Creation on faith is ridiculous and if it were on a non-religiously charged topic would be laughed out of existence. I have met few people who are inclined toward evolution that can explain the major gaps in the theory or give me more than a rudimentary explanation of the process (and copying and pasting something some “scientist” wrote doesn’t count). Most people who are “evolutionists” are simply people who believe a guy in a labcoat instead of a guy behind a pulpit and it speaks more to their personal preference than it does some deeply thought out position.

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Stephen said...

And I've encountered this sentiment in Christian circles, too. How many times have I been in the presence of someone simply blathering a string of doctrinally-correct sentences while wondering if he has any real apprehension of the things he's saying?

We may well say, "We are made in the image of God, not in the image of Xerox."