Sunday, November 07, 2004

Viva le revolution!

What is going on? I was watching the McLaughlin Group on Friday, and weenie Lawrence Kudlow was talking about secession, and I think he was serious! Eleanor Clift said that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, we would have "revolution" in this country. Now if you are scared of letting people vote about abortion, what makes you think poeple who voted to make it illegal are going to suddenly rise up? What are the blue staters goign to rise up WITH? They are as disarmed as an army under a President Kerry! We have all of the guns kids! You banned them in all of your cities, we are chock full of pickup trucks with gunracks. Bring it on! (just kidding!)

Many lefties are threatening to move to Canada or Europe. Talk about taking your ball and going home. I will personally drive anyone from the area to the Canadian border or an airport to fly one-way to Europe. While they are at it, take Alex Baldwin/Michael Moore/Al Franken/Susan Sarandon et al with you.

A funny side note while reading Slate/MSNBC. You should hear the left calling for an abolition of the electoral college, the same system that dleivered their boy Bill Clinton two terms with less than a majority of the vote. He likely would have still beaten Dole, but you take Perot out of the equation and run Clinton in a run-of against Bush Sr. and we might have a different result. The revisionist history is incredible! Another interesting way to look at the world. Democrats have lost 5 of the last 7 Presidential elections...

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