Thursday, November 04, 2004


Tuesday was a day of winners, and dare I say it, losers. The American people were the big winners as we showed up in huge numbers, and proved an important point: high voter turnout does NOT mean huge numbers of votes for Democrats.

President Bush got a decisive win, and the country got even more conservative. The House got more conservative. The Senate got more conservative, and sent a warning to obstructionists: fillbuster judicial nominees and you could be the next Tom Daschle. The state governments got more conservative as the GOP increased it's hold on Governor's mansions. The south got more Republican as many conservative Democrats are gone, replace by Republicans (like my congressman Ken Lucas, a pro-life, pro-gun Democrat replaced by a Republican). The Zell Millers of this world are a thing of the past.

I don't think you can overemphasize this. Conservatives, especially Christians, finally woke up. Other than pockets of liberalism in the northeast and the pacific coast, the country is a sea of red. Even states that Kerry won in middle America like Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin were VERY competitive and Bush certainly could have contested the results given the squirrely nature of the new voter registrations and other shennanigans. Michigan went to Kerry in spite of an overwhelming victory for the gay marriage amendment, but that is due to the residual and diminishing influence of big labor. Wisconsin and Minnesota are less liberal now than they were in the past.

Some of my winners and losers:

Winner: Country Music Television Loser: MTV

Winner: Conservative talk radio Loser: Pitiful "Air America" (hard to be an avowedly liberal radio station when even liberals are afraid to use the term)

Winners: Sean Hannity, Bill Bennett, Hugh Hewitt, Jerry Falwell, President Ronald Reagan Losers: Al Franken, Michael Moore, George Soros, Howard Stern, Jesse Jackson, Al Gore.

Winner: The Heartland Loser: Hollywood

Winners: The Vietnam veterans Losers: The Jane Fonda, every war is the "next Vietnam" types

Winner: New democracies Losers: Bitter, weak European former powers

Winner: Fox News, the bloggers, The Wall Street Journal, the National Review Losers: The "main stream media", the New York Times/Washington Post, NBC/ABC and especially CBS

Winners: The NRA, National Right to Life, the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Concerned Women for America Losers:, the ACLU, the NAACP, the union bosses, NARAL and other baby muderers, American United for the Seperation of Church and State, Log Cabin Republicans

Winner: God's plan for marriage Losers: the radical homosexual rights movement

Winners: Conservative Catholics Losers: "in name alone", "social justice" catholics

Winners: Evangelical, born again, dare I say "fundamentalist!" Protestants Losers: world appeaser, gay friendly liberal "Christians"

Big Winner: American democracy Big Loser: The angry left thugocracy

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