Thursday, November 04, 2004


I normally don't read left wing stuff because it makes me mad, but now it just makes me laugh! I am reading David Corn of The Nation, and his doom and gloom is sweet to behold!

It's another four years--this time with a legitimate win behind him--and the prospects for George W. Bush's second term are grim. He is stronger politically; the Democratic opposition is weaker, especially in the Senate, where the Republicans gained several seats and closed in on a filibuster-proof super-majority. Bush and the GOP demonstrated that they could locate and mobilize their voters. The Democrats--even with big-money efforts (America Coming Together and its ad-buying sister outfit raised and spent more than $200 million)--could not match them. Bush now has more power than he did before the election. He will use it. And he is likely to adopt the game plan that served him well at the start of his first term: Move fast and move hard.

This was so tyical of leftist denial of reality....

But it was not just the Kerry campaign that fell short. The party professionals have much to answer for. The organizers did not churn out the necessary Democratic voters. The Dems in charge of Ohio misread the reality on the ground.

Uh, Dave the turnout was huge and it helped BUSH! The Desm churned all they could, and even by outright fraud still fell way short. Newsflash, the American people are not liberal, they are at heart conservative. The turnout awoke the sleeping conservative giant and revealed the left for what it is: anti-American, anti-religion, anti-freedom. If another 10 million people had voted, Bush would have won by even more!

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