Thursday, November 04, 2004

Fox News reports on a "protest" in the People's Republic of Portland, OR. It was all of 100 people. I guess Fox was waiting for some major blow-ups that never happened, so even this hilarious gathering of pot heads and tree huggers warrants making the news. Hey kids, it wasn't even close. The rest of the country picked Bush. So much for Mrs. Edwards dire warning of blood in the streets if Kedwards lost. I loved this line:

One held a sign reading: "Let's do what Kerry wouldn't — revolt."

Like these wussy boys would take up arms for any cause. There is nothing better than the impotent rage of losers like these people, who STILL can't figure out how Bush, whom they allege is stupid, got elected AGAIN and by a much larger margin and got a bunch of help in Congress to boot. Even their own state of Oregon passed an anti-gay marriage bill! That was as shocking as Derek Jeter being elected mayor of Boston. The next guy says something true, although he doesn't understand the ramification of it...

One demonstrator, Eric Blickenstaff, 30, of Portland, lost his brother in the war in Iraq. Spc. Joseph M. Blickenstaff died last December when his combat vehicle tumbled off a dirt road in central Iraq.

"This is the international sign for distress," said Eric Blickenstaff, holding an upside-down American flag. "Our country is in distress. The religious right won the election."

Note that he is given legitimacy (the original article is from the AP) because his brother died in the war in Iraq, despite the fact that he died in a car accident which happens every day right in America. It seems a shame that he dishonors his bothers service in this way. He might be surprised to find that of the 57 million people who voted for Bush, many of them are in the religious right and GASP they have a right to vote as well!

The funniest thing about this whole deal is how shocked they are. Liberals threw EVERYTHING they had into beating Bush. Millions spent by George "legalize dope" Soros and the 527s. Slanderous statements by leftists for the last two years accusing Bush of being the next Hitler. The left pulled out all of the stops and swung for the fences in this election. What they got was an infield pop-up and a disastrous loss in state after state. Now they still have Bush, but now he has a MANDATE, having increased from a 500,000 deficit in the popular vote to a 4,000,000 margin.

The big question between now and the next big set of election in 2006 is whether or not the Democrats learn from this debacle and change, or whether they dig their heels in and become even more irrelevant. Does the base of the Democrats, the silent majority of Catholics and blue collar workers, demand the party come back to it's roots or does it become even more radicalized, on the loony fringe of the Left living in the fever swamps of Bush conspiracy theories? Zell Miller writes about the fall of the Democrats in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it is good stuff. Part of it is reproduced here by the National Review (FYI, I refreshed The Corner blog on National Review online about 500 times on Tuesday. I am not kidding). Zell's best line is near the end…

When you write off centrist and conservative policies that reflect the will of people in the South and Midwest, you write off the South and Midwest. Democrats have never learned from the second or third or fifth kick of a mule. They continue to change only the makeup on, rather than makeup of, the Democrat Party.

And so we have a realignment election. For the first time, in an "us vs. them" election and in the toughest of situations, Republicans have been re-elected to the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Confronting an opposition that can win a divided electorate in the worst of times and that has a growing electoral base, the national Democratic Party has a choice: continue down this path toward irrelevance or reverse course. As the last Truman Democrat, I hope my party makes the right choice but know I will not be allowed to be part of it. Such is the price you pay when you love your nation more than your party.

And so while I retire with little hope for the near-term viability of the party I've spent my life building, I retire with a quiet satisfaction that after witnessing the struggle of democracy over communism and fascism, the fear I once held that America might not rise to meet this new challenge of terrorism has vanished like a fog under the radiance of a new dawn. While the threat is still real, the shadow looming across a promising future is gone.

And the credit for that goes to one man. Like the last lion of England, Winston Churchill, George W. Bush has stood alone and risked all to give the world a new, clearer path to the advancement of freedom.

Amen to that Zell.

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