Friday, November 05, 2004

So that's how democracy is supposed to work!

I was perusing's story on the reaction to the election results on America's campuses and came across this gem....

Senior Ravi Shah was unhappy about Bush's win but had hope for the future. "If Bush actually learns from his mistakes, and uses the next four years to implement the things that 49 percent of America that didn't vote for him wanted to see happen, [then it's OK]," he said.

So, according to Ravi, if Kerry won we should follow his agenda because America wanted change. If Bush won, we should still follow Kerry's agenda. Makes perfect sense. Heck why even have an election at all?! What about the wishes of the 51% (which I believe is a majority) who DID vote for Bush? What we want is diametrically opposed in many cases to what the 49& (otherwise known as the "minority" or as Ahnuld sez "the losers") want, so given that we won doesn't it make sense to go with out agenda? Why is it when lefties win, they have an agenda and when we win we need to be bipartisan?

The scary thing is that this double standard makes sense and seems fair to those on the Left...

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