Thursday, November 04, 2004

Please note that the National Review posted the same point at 2:53 PM I made on my blog at 9:55 AM, that the Dems threw everything they had at Bush and still lost big...

When the turnout improves, the Democrats would sweep into office, they kept telling themselves.

Well, turnout did improve to the best level since 1968, and the Republicans won. Not by a landslide, but decisively. The only big races that went right for the Democrats were Ken Salazar and Barack Obama.

All of the biggest guns in the left's arsenal - Hollywood, the trial lawyers, the unions, the New York Times, CBS, newly-minted strident liberal talk radio, bombastic and inaccurate "documentaries," all of the skewed members of the MSM... all of them brought their A-game, threw themselves into this fight... and lost to the blogs, talk radio, alternative media, conservative religious groups, and a well-organized GOP ground game.

It's over. None of the left's old tools works anymore. They have to scrap it and start over, and that's why you see the weeping and the wailing and the hair being pulled out.

Almost word for word to what I said. I should get a job at National Review!

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