Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Mackubin Thomas Owens of National Review writes a hilarious article today on the abject silliness of threats of secession from the liberals...

On the other hand, it might be fun to consider the possibilities that blue-state secession would provide. Red-state Americans who have grown weary of being lectured by their moral and intellectual "betters" from the precincts of the Massachusetts witch-burners and slave-traders might just say: "Go ahead, punks. Make my day."

To begin with, where would the blue-state secessionists get the military force they would need to vindicate their action? After all, to paraphrase Thomas Hobbes, principles, no matter how noble, are mere wind without the sword. Most U.S. servicemen come from the red states, or from the red counties of the blue states. The blue states have made it next to impossible for their citizens to own firearms, so they can't count on "a people, numerous and armed" to vindicate their secession.

The other part that is pretty silly is that even in the blue states, most of them have large sections of rural counties that voted for Bush. Are only selected counties going to secede? The far left has gone completely looney over the election. Hey, you may think we are dumb but our votes count the same as yours!

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