Thursday, August 31, 2017

Here Is The Alternative To The Nashville Statement

James White posted this on Twitter:

So a yogi chick is calling people who don't like the Nashville Statement to embrace "progressive Xnty" where you get stuff like "queer, embodiment and ecofeminist theologies". Well sign me up! Oh, and here is good news "You are perfect as you are". Now if that isn't sound theology I don't know what is. Who needs that dirty, nasty old cross with the dead Jewish guy, you are already perfect!

The usual suspects from Patheos and Jen Hatmaker to Nadia Bolz-Weber are out in full force. People would love Christianity if it just jettisoned all of that messy doctrine! Of course they would because it would cease to be Christianity at all. That is the whole point anyway for a lot of these folks.

On a more serious note, the response from the "progressive" religious camp is actually proof positive that statements like the Nashville Statement are necessary because there are far too many people given a platform by heretics and the secular media alike that espouse things like queer, embodiment and ecofeminist theologies. I had to look up embodiment theology and I still don't quite get it but it is pretty much as nonsensical as I assumed.

If the church chooses to hide in our seminaries and argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, we leave the public discourse to foul mouthed "theologians" like Nadia Bolz-Weber and other assorted doctrinal hacks and wolves. The Nashville Statement is not perfect nor are the signers but a solid, Bible based statement on a critical topic is preferable to silently abandoning the field of discourse.

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