Sunday, August 23, 2015

Speaking Of Music

Two music related posts in a row! Better get out your prophecy charts, Nicolae Carpathia might have been born of a jackal or something last week.

My wife was out of town so I went with three of my girls to a Gospel sing in our town. I don't mean our town as in Fort Wayne, the closest metro area. I mean our home town, the tiny little burg of Spencerville, notable mostly for our covered bridge. The event was sponsored by Cuba Mennonite Church (no relationship to the nation of Cuba, it is on Cuba Road), the fellowship we semi-regularly gather with. I was only able to stay for about an hour and it was pretty sunny so the pictures below are not great but it was still nice time to see some friends, have some hot dogs and listen to music with some of my girls.

The event featured two quartets, the New Heights Quartet out of Ontario, Canada and Cross Walk Quartet out of Goshen, Indiana about an hour away. It was a nice evening and it looked like quite a few people with no affiliation to Cuba Mennonite showed up plus a whole bunch of other miscellaneous Anabaptists. I am not a huge fan of the quartet style of singing but any song sung with an eye toward honoring our Lord is a joy.

The Crosswalk Quartet

Terry Myers, one of the elders at Cuba Mennonite,
introducing the members of the New Heights Quartet

The New Heights Quartet

A view of the audience from the parking lot

It was a little warm and very sunny so a lot of the audience
huddled in the shade of the Spencerville Community Center

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