Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Together for the Gospel 2010

T4G 2010 starts today, in fact right now at 1:00 PM EST with Mark Dever leading off. I was planning up until recently to be in attendance, singing badly along with 7000 other guys who can’t sing, listening to great teachers and of course accumulating lots of “free” books. As I mentioned in a prior post, I opted out of spending the time and the money to make the trip to Louisville this year even thought I was looking forward to it pretty much since T4G 2008 ended. As the preeminent event for arm-chair Reformed theologians, a virtual “Reformapalooza”, all the cool kids are going to be there including lots of bloggers I interact with. It should be especially interesting this year with the kerfuffle over Piper inviting Warren to his conference. I would imagine that will be add a little spice and discomfort to the conference. I expect to get at least one reference to it over the course of the next few days.

Even though I did the right thing by not going, I am still kind of bummed. I was especially intrigued by the break-out sessions featuring the second-string speakers, including up and coming local guy Kevin DeYoung. I really wanted to hear Unity, not Uniformity: Diversity in the Body of Christ by Michael McKinley. Hopefully the break-out sessions will be recorded. I can (and will) download and listen to the talks once the conference is over but it doesn’t replace being there in person, especially being in the company of friends and brothers. Last time around I got to spend a lot of time with two brothers, Josh Gelatt and Joe VonDoloski, and I got to meet another brother who has become precious to our family, James Lee. In retrospect, that is what was best about T4G: spending time with brothers outside of “church”, getting to know them and seeing them in real life situations. Just because I am not going to Louisville doesn’t mean that this week is wasted. In place of T4G, tomorrow night I will be gathering with the brethren and praying. Friday I am having lunch with a brother I need to get to know better. I have a couple of brothers I need to call and talk to about some big changes coming up in their lives. I have a family who could certainly use my attention. None of what I am planning on doing this week is going to cost me anything but time. So I may not be going to T4G but there is plenty to keep me busy this week and for a lot less money! I pray that the conference will be encouraging and edifying to those in attendance.

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Alan Knox said...

So, just to make sure I understand what you're saying: you won't be AT "Together for the Gospel." Instead, you will be together for the gospel.


Arthur Sido said...