Saturday, April 17, 2010

Best of this week entry 4

Goes to Al Mohler, in a great post about the young Russian child who was shipped back alone to Russia by his adoptive mother because he was too difficult to handle. Dr. Mohler gets past the easy rhetoric and addresses what is really happening here in relationship to the Gospel:

The wonder of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is this — not one of us is worthy of adoption. In our sinfulness, not one of us has any claim on the Father’s love, much less a right to adoption. But, the infinitely rich mercy of God is shown us in Christ, in whom believers are adopted by the Father. And this adoption, thanks be to God, is eternal and irreversible.

We who are Christians are adopted into the family of God, not because we were the best of the best among humanity but in spite of our flaws and in spite of our failures we remain in that family because adoption is permanent. Think how disappointing we are to God who adopted us in spite of knowing ahead of time how flawed we were. That is the great miracle of the Gospel. I thank Dr. Mohler for this essay and commend it to you.

Check out When Adoption Fails, the Gospel is Denied

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