Thursday, April 22, 2010

Draft Day!

Ok, a couple of times of year are big sports days for me. I don’t watch a lot of sports on TV, hampered by our eschewing of cable/satellite, but I do still follow sports. The NFL Draft is one of my favorite sports-related events of the year which is kind of weird since no one is actually playing a sport. You can tell I am not the only person who loves the Draft based on the NFL spreading it out from two days to three this year.

So if you will indulge me, here are my hopes for today. As a Browns fan, I really hope that the Browns either select Eric Berry (Safety, Tennessee) or move down in the first round and get more draft picks. Berry is pretty widely considered to be an elite prospect at an undervalued position. If the Browns could move down and get some additional decent picks (i.e. not sixth round) and still get a difference maker on defense in the secondary, that would be great (like Earl Thomas, also a safety but expected to go much lower than Berry). The Browns need lots of help. In the second round I expect them to take Colt McCoy, quarterback from Texas, a guy who has the best football name for a Texas football player ever. I mean seriously, Colt McCoy? Sounds like a name from a bad Western. He might not last until the second round though. Much as I love Tim Tebow, I wouldn’t want the Browns to take him until the third round and I think someone like Jacksonville is going to grab him earlier than that. I do hope that Tebow goes in the first round and has a great career. After the second round, the Browns have three third rounders and need them all for more defensive help, a running back and wideout perhaps. When you are as bad as the Browns, you need lots of pieces.

It should be interesting to see what separating the first round from the second and third, giving teams almost 24 hours between the last pick of the first and the first pick of the second round to make trades, does to the dynamic of the draft. Instead of rolling right into the later rounds, now there is a lengthy delay to think things over. Tomorrow should hopefully be interesting and poor Mel Kiper, who has the best job in the world, might have a complete meltdown.

As a sidenote, how fun would it be if the Lions passed over Suh and took Dez Bryant in the fine tradition of the Lions drafting wide receivers that bomb in the first round?

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James said...

worse than eve...worse than eve...

Eric said...

Wow. We do have a lot in common.

My Dad is a Browns fan for life. Having grown up in western New York State, I like the Bills.

We are both homeschooling, Reformed, Anabaptist lovers of bad football teams!

Arthur Sido said...

Eric, there is a solidarity in supporting stinky football teams!