Sunday, December 13, 2009

Van encased in ice=church at home today

No way I am dragging my eight kids out onto ice encrusted streets in a fifteen passenger van. So we are staying home. I plan on doing a more lengthy devotional with the kids, some readings like the Ten Commandments or something, baking and breaking some bread and observing the Lord's Supper.


In a house?! With no clergy present?! primitive!

Yes it is. Thank you!

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Steve Martin said...

There's nothing wrong with having church in the home.

Nothing at all... especially in light of the weather and the dangers of driving those icy roads.

My wife and I could stay home and have church at home also, today. We are free to do so.

But we choose to go and hear the Word and receive the Body and Blood with our congregation and our pastor.

Nothing wrong with that, either.

Alan Knox said...

Well, there may have been no clergy present, but there were priests present. :)


joe said...


I knew it,

Arthur's gone catholic.

Joe said...

Are you somewhere going to add

BLOGGING to your order of service
in the home?