Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Circumcison and baptism

I wanted to direct you to an excellent study of circumcision and baptism over at The Gospel in Real Life. Very clear and concise, good stuff that you should check out. It seems that there is a linkage many people draw between physical, Old Covenant circumcision and New Covenant baptism that needs to be looked at. Check it out!

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Unknown said...

Spot on!!

I stand strongly against circ under the New Covenant, especially the way it is done today.

No details, to sensative.
You'll have to research intactivism your self.
There are lots of good Biblicaly based sites out there.
I am glad to add this one to my list.

Steve Martin said...

I commented over there.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Joe said...

One of my many problems with infant baptism is when someone says, God baptized a baby today and through grace gave that child saving faith blah blah blah and then people say that is a secondary doctrine and we should keep unity.