Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The scientist has no clothes

There was a very insightful editorial today highlighting the real driver behind “climate change”, a motivation that is green in color and looks suspiciously like dollar bills. The scandal over the leaked correspondence from University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit has thrown mud all over the reputation of the entire “climate change” industry.

What we learn from what is now referred to as ClimateGate is that “science” is not nearly as scientific as we have been led to believe. The problems with the “science” behind global warming, or as it is now called climate change (a conveniently ambiguous term that is inherently true since the climate is constantly changing, no matter how slightly) have been exposed and what we find is that the evidence has been altered or eliminated, data discarded, dissent squelched and enormous sums of money received. There is a huge cottage industry for climate change that absorbs billions in funding and they are willing to bend the truth or flat our lie to protect the goose that laid the golden egg.

This whole kerfuffle has repercussions that resonate far beyond just climate change. Christians who hold to the literal account of creation in Genesis are constantly mocked and ridiculed for our backwards beliefs. After all, scientific consensus has determined that Darwinian evolution is the only possible explanation for the origin of life. All real scientists agree and people who are not “scientists” just need to recognize that they are not as smart as us and should just shut up and believe as they are told. As ClimateGate has shown us, the self-proclaimed arbiters of truth in the name of science are not as omniscient as they claim.

As the curtain on “climate change” is thrown back and the wizard exposed as a powerless little man with a booming voice, I hope that claims of “scientific consensus” are given a second look. As many creationists have documented, the consensus around evolution is pretty shaky and proof of this is apparent in the shrieks of outrage at any dissenting view. The louder and more vitriolic the protest, the more suspicious I become. I hope that Christians who have been cowed by the sneers of “scientists” into denying the Genesis account will realize that the priests of the religion “science” turn out to know far less than we have been led to believe. When it comes down to believing what the “scientific community” says or believing what the Word of God says, I will trust the One who made all things rather than those willing to lie to keep their coffers full.

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Steve Martin said...

That people fall for this stuff just blows my mind.

The earth has been heating up (much warmer than it is now) and cooling down since day one.

What hubris on the part of so many to think that we can control it.

People are fools and are scared easily, and will give away their freedom over absolutely nothing.

Debbie said...

One of my favorite treatments of the subject of global warning is Michael Crichton's book State of Fear. Not only does the story show how inaccurate/false/slanted most of the information presented to the public is, but the appendicies discuss the whole issue of what happens when psuedo-science gets mixed with politics. He points out the example of when public policy got mixed up with the "science" of eugenics. I never quite understood why the USA ignored Hitler for so long until I read that.

I hope this "climategate" wakes our country up before we make more bad policy that will hurt everyone.

Arthur Sido said...


I read that a while back, god book.