Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The power of a praying wife

Last night I was at the local mormon church listening to a false prophet, one of the mormon “General Authorities”. As I looked around at all of the eager faces, listening raptly to a man proclaiming a false gospel and a false Christ I was heartbroken and oppressed. I didn’t find it uplifting, I found it horrifying.

An hour into the “Fireside”, I was feeling very burdened and discouraged when my blackberry buzzed. At that time of night, it was unlikely to be a work related email so I slipped it out of my pocket and read an email from my wife. It simply said:

I'm covered and Praying.

I love You, Eva

What a comfort and joy to know that in the midst of a sea of lost people being deceived, my wife was at home, thinking about me, chastely covering her head and in prayer. What a great comfort for a husband to have a wife who prays for him! I still was heartbroken for those around me but having prayer support at home strengthened me.

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Steve Martin said...

You are truly blessed!

Steve Martin said...

What were you doing in the lion's den?

Arthur Sido said...


We have been having the mormon missionaries over to witness to them, and they invited me. I am going to use my notes from last night to point them to the Word of God and show where their church is in error. From that point, I leave it up to God.

Steve Martin said...


I'll pray that the Lord uses your words to grab a hold of these folks.

God bless you for your efforts.