Monday, October 26, 2009

Asking the right questions

I like it when I see people asking questions. I stumbled after five or six links on a blog and the writer asks "What If?" I like where he is going with this:

The question that really faces churches, particularly church planting pastors, is how they will define success. Will we develop a mindset that views success as something that might not immediately put “butts in the seats” on a Sunday morning? If so, do we really want all of our time, energy, resources, money, people and gifts going in to a church structure, whatever that might be? What might it look like if we became more outward focused? What if we had churches that didn’t believe that all ministry was simply up to the pastors?

Keep asking those questions Brent. Sometimes the answer you get is not the one you expect and it is not one that people like to hear. That doesn't mean we shouldn't ask the question...

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