Friday, October 23, 2009

The Gospel is not behavior modification Parents Beware: This will kill your children

Great quote I am lifting from Josh Gelatt's blog (that he lifted from somewhere else!)

"Moralism – - the idea that we merit God’s favor by being good – - is the deadly enemy of Christian parenting. Moralism trusts in its own goodness, virtue, and principled intentions to get a “not guilty” verdict from God on the day of judgment. It is deceptive. A cloak of morality over an unregenerate heart can make it difficult to discern the child’s true spiritual condition." William P. Farley

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Renee said...


The gospel needs to set our kids free; because the law can't!

Steve said...

The gospel frees...the law kills.

(we actually need both)

But the law can't make us better (for righteousness sake)...

only worse.