Monday, October 19, 2009

New conversation in the blogosphere

First Things, an unabashedly Roman Catholic publication, has added a blog section for evangelicals, sort of an ongoing conversation like The Corner feature from National Review. First Things is one of the most intellectually challenging publications out there today and the list of folks writing in the new blog are an eclectic mix of Protestants, from Russell Moore and Justin Taylor to Joe Carter and Frank Turk (who I like even though he called me a "theological malcontent", a title I have come to embrace). Check it out here.

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Joe Carter said...

Thanks for the mention. While First Things has the perception of being a Roman Catholic magazine (which is entirely the magazine's fault) where really an interreligious publication.

I'm hoping that Evangel will help show that its a publication that should be of interest to evangelicals and other Protestants.

Arthur Sido said...


I read First Things all the time. My mom subscribes. I find much of what they write to be excellent and thought provoking, even the overtly Roman articles. Few magazines out there can match it for intellectual weight and breadth.