Thursday, October 01, 2015

Boy That Escalated Quickly

So the bloom came off that rose awfully fast. After a week or so of absolute, Beatles-Mania level screaming praise from "progressives" who stumbled over each other to sing the praises of Jorge Bergoglio during his papal visit, declaring him a Christian and showing a remarkable lack of understanding of issues surrounding why there was a Reformation in the first place, it seems that the pontiff made the grievous error of meeting with Ms. Kim Davis, the culture war flavor of the day who refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. The Left turned on Jorge pretty quickly. This morning featured not one but two pieces on NPR (which has become insufferable to listen to) on how this was "disappointing" and confusing to advocates of homosexual normalization, Pope's Meeting With Kim Davis Puts A New Twist On His Visit and Pope's Meeting With Kim Davis Disappoints LGBT Catholic. Perhaps they will need to recall the upcoming Progressive Tiger Beat cover story of adoration for the "pope".

I doubt Jorge even knows there was a kerfuffle and I likewise doubt that he cares but it is worth noting anyway because it demonstrates that the Left in America, especially the religious Left, is every bit as dug in and intractable as the Religious Right. What abortion is for the Religious Right, a non-negotiable hill on which to die, homosexual normalization is for the Religious Left (along with abortion on demand, women pastors, universalism, ignoring Paul, etc.). There is no room for "common ground" or "dialogue", it is an all or nothing proposition. Something important to consider when addressing these issues.

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