Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shopping for orphans

The Haiti Orphan Project has add a new Amazon Wish List of items they need for the orphanage, mainly medical supplies. It is a quick and easy way to provide supplies that will be used to help. I ordered a pack of band-aids for about $6 and some forceps for around $3 and they are on the way. If you can help in this way, follow the link above and pick something out, items range from Gold Bond medicated powder to a portable defibrillator that is slightly more expensive than band-aids. You can be confident that these items will be used to treat sick or injured children in Haiti, providing much needed medical aid to children who don't have access outside of the orphange to even the most basic medical care.

The internet can be used for a lot of not great things but this is one of the ways it can be used for good.

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