Sunday, May 13, 2012

The real source of all the problems in the church today

The church has issues. Lots of them.

I think I have it figured out the main source of all of our problems.

Look at this sampling of great theologians from the past...

John Calvin
John Knox
Menno Simons

J.C. Ryle

Charles Spurgeon

The great theologians of the past were often men with awesome beards. Thick, beefy man beards. No goatees even. Real beards. You know you can take these guys seriously. A man that serious about his facial hair is going to take his theology just as seriously.

The great theologians today? We ll just look at 'em and the problem becomes apparent.

Al Mohler

D.A. Carson

J.I. Packer

John Piper

R.C. Sproul

Tim Keller

Wayne Grudem

Not a beard among 'em. The only decent beards are on Doug Wilson and N.T. Wright. Makes me weep with shame.

I don't trust a man who won't grow a beard and I don't respect a man that can't grow a beard. We need more bearded theologians in the church or things will never get any better. The great apostasy came about at the same time as the advent of the disposable razor. Coincidence?

I don't think so.


Marshall said...

even Charlton Heston! [pictured upper-right]
the beard may indicate maturity in a man, but this generation seems far from it.

Bethany W. said...

I'm laughing. And I think you are joking... but I just don't know with you sometimes.