Monday, May 14, 2012

Choose abortion yes, choose real milk? No.

This is a bit of a rant and has nothing really to do with the church or theology. You have been warned.

I read yesterday about yet another example of the government going after a citizen for the crime of selling raw milk. Like many other incidents it seems a complete overreaction on the part of the government. I understand the need for food safety, although I question how "safe" our mass produced, factory farmed food really is, but these sorts of incidents go way beyond "food safety". This is not raw milk being sold to unsuspecting consumers at Wal-mart, this is a completely natural product being sold to willing consumers who pay more and go out of their way to purchase a product.

When did we get to the stage where the government has to OK every single decision in our lives? Something as simple as choosing to sell raw milk to willing consumers that are seeking this product out has become a criminal offense. If I were a suspicious person I might wonder if the large commercial dairies and grocery retailers were perhaps encouraging this sort of heavy-handed behavior by Federal agents.

The government has arbitrarily declared that a woman has an inviolable Constitutional "right" terminate her pregnancy at any time, ending the life of her child as a matter of "health care" in the name of choice but that same government declares that same woman cannot be trusted to choose of her own volition to buy milk that has come straight from a cow. You know, where milk comes from.

It only makes sense, it certainly is healthier to cram cows into confinement facilities, breed them to become udders on four legs, feed them a completely unnatural food, cram them with hormones and antibiotics to make them produce as much milk as possible without getting sick due to their unnatural living arrangements, milk them with huge machines and then processing milk by pasteurization so it can be shipped and stored for weeks instead of consumed fresh. 'Cause you know, that sounds so much healthier than feeding cows their natural food, grass, and drinking the milk they produce right after it is made.

That makes perfect sense.

How far away are we from government mandates that every American be covered head to toe in hand-sanitizer and encased in bubble wrap before they are allowed to leave the house? We pump our kids full of antibiotics for every sniffle, sanitize every surface of the house, keep our kids from getting dirty or being exposed to anything that is not "sanitary" and then wonder why so many kids are allergic to everything under the sun.

A woman has the right to choose to kill her unborn child but that same woman doesn't have the right to buy non-government approved milk.  Why exactly do we trust these people to control every aspect of our lives?


Aussie John said...


Your "rant" is my rant! Control is the big thing in the I.C., and in society. Big Brother is watching!

Your statement "You know, where milk comes from." reminds me:

My wife and I milked 120 cows,in another life. Our church used to bring underprivileged children, from the worst areas of Sydney, to experience life in another environment, one of those experiences was to visit our farm, and its workings, for the day.

Evening milking came. A ten year old boy was watching the milk surging through the milk flow sight glass and said, "I often wondered how they got the milk into the cows!"

Arthur Sido said...

John, there is a move afoot in America to prevent kids from working on farms because it s dangerous (as opposed to kids sitting in the house eating candy and playing video games before developing juvenile diabetes. That is not dangerous!). There is a dangerous disconnect between people and the food they consume that is unhealthy for a lot of reasons.

Aussie John said...


Your observations are relevant in this country as well!

The wolf in sheeps clothing of Fabian gradualism and reformism is alive and well, especially with the leadership which has been inflicted on both our countries.

Bethany W. said...

I appreciate your rant - thank you! With you 100% on this!