Monday, October 10, 2011

What if...

What if the "genuine", mature Christians are not the ones we think of? Jason Elam asks that question, check out his post Messy Spirituality: The Genuine Article. Here is a sample:
It's a strange reality that some of the most spiritually mature people I know don't attend church services all that much, don't believe in tithing, and have never seen a miracle take place. It's not that they are opposed to such things, but they have found what they believe to be a more authentic expression of faith outside of institutional Christianity. Many of them gather with friends in homes, coffeehouses, and parks and find that God's presence is just as much there as it would be in the most ornate cathedral. They share what material possessions they have when they hear about a need, and find God's blessing in that as much as if they had written a check to the church down the street. They sit with friends as they endure the hardships of life-personal loss, poverty, and chemotherapy treatments. They don't just pray for people in need, they actually bear the burdens of those around them. All the while, many of these spiritual giants are addicted, sick, depressed, divorced, lonely, or in some other way "unclean" by the standards of many.
As many of us have found, some of the earliest followers of Christ would not be very welcome in the church today. Good thoughts, check it out!

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Rory said...

some of us left Church Inc. in order to find God.
"except ye renounce all that ye have, ye cannot be My disciple" included our church paradigm :-)
(when you understand what the "Nicolaitane error" is that Jesus said he "hates", in Rev. 2:6 and 15,
you are on the right path...