Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sitting around waiting for someone else

I am not much of a contemporary Christian music guy but I really liked this video from Josh Wilson. Apparently it is quite popular but today was the first time I have heard it...

That song really hits on some important points. We as the church have been content to sit around and watch, waiting for someone else to help those in need even when we knew, deep down inside, that no on ever would and that we really didn't care anyway.

Thank God for young Christians who have a zeal and passion for those in need. I used to mock people like this, assuming that they had "bad theology" and needed to sit down and shut up and listen to more good sermons. I am thinking that a lot of these younger Christians are the ones who have the right theology, not the guys who argue about every subtle nuance of this point of doctrine or that. I have been a Christian for around ten years and read lots of the right books and espoused the right theology and blogged a ton but I only recently started living for and serving Him.

The church doesn't really need more theologians or professional sermoizers, it needs more "regular" Christians to get out of their pews and comfort zones and go to those who actually need their love and their service. We need to put down our hymnals and pick up towels to gird ourselves for the loving act of washing feet. I pray that God will continue to burden me in a greater way each day to love my neighbor as myself and seek out ways to serve them rather than hiding in my comfortable religious shell.

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Debbie said...

Love this song!