Sunday, October 16, 2011

How rude!

In the spirit of cross-pond solidarity, I got a kick out of a cartoon Christopher Dryden posted this weekend from the naked pastor:

Would Jesus be welcome in our neat and tidy and oh so formal "worship services"? How would we welcome this Jewish guy in old clothes, wearing road worn sandals with filthy feet? He never seemed very interested in religious formalism or following along in  the bulletin. I am not sure that we would welcome someone like Jesus today.

How rude he would seem! Gathering children around Himself to love on before it was time to dismiss the kids to "Children's Church"! Speaking to the widow sitting by herself, right in the middle of the announcements! Encouraging the brother who just lost his job but is putting on a brave face because no one likes a Debbie Downer when we are gathered to "worship". Gently taking the offering plate from a deacon and giving the contents to the family about to be evicted. Why that money is a special love offering that is going toward the building fund!

I don't think we would much like the real Jesus at all. Sure we like the Jesus of our Western imagination, the Jesus who smiles upon America and blesses our wealth and affluence and cheers on our troops when they take the field to bring justice and liberty to the world (at least when a Republican is President). The Jesus we see in the Bible? I am not sure He would be very welcome in our churches today. I am not even sure we would recognize Him.

Maybe if He would throw on a decent outfit....

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Unknown said...

Yeah, that thing about the offering plate? I almost got my local church membership revoked once for trying to convince the pastors that we should do that. (The actual revocation was due to my insisting that I was going to give to people in need whether that meant putting money in the plate or withholding it, but they *were* very concerned about people getting "distracted" from the building fund.)