Thursday, October 06, 2011

How many Steve Jobs never had a chance

The world mourns the death of Steve Jobs today. He was a larger than life figure and one of the most influential people in the exploding world of technology that shapes our lives and changes on a daily basis. By all accounts he was a brilliant man, a great leader and businessman and his death is mourned by millions. I likewise mourn his death, not because of his accomplishments but because for all of his wealth and fame he appears to have died outside of Christ and all of the worldly acclaim and huge bank accounts that seemed so important yesterday are meaningless today. His death, like all of those who die outside of salvation in Christ, is a stark reminder of how crucial the Great Commission is.

There is more to Steve Jobs than the black turtlenecks, jeans and iPods. One of the little known facts about Steve is that his mother placed him for adoption in 1955, some 18 years before the creation out of a "right" to abortion out of thin air in the Roe v Wade decision of 1973. With the advent of abortion on demand, adoption has become a far less attractive option. Had he been conceived two decades later, it is quite likely he never would have been born.

Placing your child for adoption is a heartwrenching choice but it is infintely better than killing that child before she has a chance to take her first breath. Think of Steve Jobs and his mother who made that difficult decision so many years ago. Because she gave her child a chance to live, the world has experienced an amazing amount of innovation. Whether that is for good or ill is a different topic but it is without debate that many brilliant innovators have died before drawing their first breath, much less getting their first patent. I don't know that Steve Jobs would have agreed but his life is a powerful testimony to the value of life and the beauty of the decision to place a child resulting from an crisis pregnancy for adoption.

If you or someone you knows is in the situation of having an unwanted pregnancy think of Steve Jobs. Every child deserves the chance to live, whether they grow up to be a toll booth attendant or the leader of one of the most innovative technology companies to exist. Every child deserves life.

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Bean said...

I too had similar thoughts about the adoption, if abortion had been chosen Steve Jobs would never have been born. The pro-life movement needs to bring this into the conversation. Even our president, who I hope is only a one termer, and who is pro abortion, is fortunate that given the circumstances, a mixed race baby in the early sixties, he was not aborted.
Agree with you too that as Christians it is always sad when a person dies and they did not know Christ as their personal savior.