Friday, June 04, 2010

What unites all other religions

The Fo-Mo Chronicles: A testimony you should check out

I blogged about the testimony of a brother in Christ who was saved out of mormonism this morning at the Fo-Mo Chronicles. What was really interesting is that he captured the essence of every non-Christian faith which is boiled down to this: what must I do to make myself right with God? The answer is that there is nothing you can do! You can never be good enough, work hard enough to be right with God. It is only by faith and faith alone that we can be saved, only by embracing the righteousness of Christ our Lord. It is a sobering reminder. It is not that great a leap to go from justification by faith to justification by faith (and a little of my own works). We are not saved by our works nor by our own piety but thinking that remains the great temptation, to see our own righteousness as somehow making us inherently more saveable than that other guy. The truth is far more humbling, none of us is worthy of being saved but in His mercy God still chose to save a remnant and He did so in spite of, not because of, our righteousness.

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