Saturday, June 05, 2010

Best of the week entry 3

Thought provoking post called Has American Christianity Jumped the Shark? I like the image, you can almost see the Fonz wearing a suit jumping the shark (assuming you know who The Fonz is) Here is a quote:

We live in a society that cares less and less about church and yet we’re still making Sunday morning the centerpiece of our strategy. I walk away from most Sunday morning services thinking more about how trivial the service was instead of being in awe of Jesus and His Kingdom. Is this the way it should be? Has American Christianity jumped the shark?

I liked that a lot. I think the institutional version of Christianity has jumped the shark. It's day is over although the vestiges will remain for a long time. The real question is how long will it take before we realize that the "come to church on Sunday" model is gone and start acting like the church in the 1st century, as aliens in the world, as sojourners? Better start soon.

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