Saturday, June 05, 2010

Best of the week entry 2

Comes from my friend Josh Gelatt. Josh writes a short devotional on unity and division in the Body of Christ, Divisions. Here is a sample:

Theology is important. Just because a doctrine is one of the "non-essentials" doesn't mean its unimportant. I want churches everywhere to come to decisions on things such as baptism, spiritual gifts, women in ministry, and end times scenarios. But I also want us to be willing to call brothers brothers and sisters sisters. If someone holds to Christ and His true Gospel he is my brother, despite his theological difference. Don't be foolish and run to the other extreme and declare "doctrine divides". That is the war cry of heretics and demons. But, do very much cry "Christ unites"!

There is nothing wrong at all with holding strong views on "secondary" doctrines. I make no pretense of being indifferent to many, many doctrines from baptism to ecclesiology to gender. However, more important than my views of these doctrines is my view of my brothers and sisters. Josh and I agree on many things and disagree on others but of preeminence in any conversation is that we agree that Jesus Christ is Lord and that trumps everything else. Praise God for strong opinions that can be held and disagreed about in charity and love among God's people but let these doctrines never divide us.

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