Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why I blog

My blog is something of a journal and I write what about what I am thinking about at that time. That is why you sometimes see a string of posts that are very similar because I am thinking about a particular topic a lot, whether headcovering or homeschooling or the church or community. I don’t intend for my blog to be an advocacy engine as much as a sounding board. I try not to look at the sitemeter reports because I don’t want to get into “blogging for hits”. All this blog is and all I ever intended it to be was a place for me to write down my thoughts, what I am focused on, where I see myself falling short, where we need to make changes as a family, what I am reading about. If you don’t agree with what I write, you have lots of options. You can read it and disagree with it. You can read it and disagree and write a comment to that effect. You can stop reading. You can write your own blog which I encourage! I don’t expect to change a single mind with what I write. I do hope that those who read are edified or encouraged in some way, provoked to thought, spurred to study. I also write for my children, to give them a glimpse of what I am thinking about. While I occasionally write something intending to be intentionally provocative, for the most part what you see is just what is on my mind. That will probably never draw many hits and that is O.K. with me.

This may sound terribly selfish, maybe not, but I don’t blog for others. I blog for me. Perhaps it is narcissistic of me to assume that people are interested in reading my thoughts but after all no one is required to read what I have written or to come back. I can hear some people clucking their tongues and wagging their fingers: “I blog for the glory of God!” Sure you do. Blogging is inherently a narcissistic endeavor. There is nothing that stops any of us who blog from writing our thoughts in private, where we would probably be more open and honest. Whatever our other motivations, ultimately we put our thoughts online because we think others are interested in our opinions or what we have to say. There are innumerable blogs out there and chances are someone else has already written a post (and probably better) on any given topic. So why do we blog? We blog because we think that our ideas need to be heard amidst the cacophony of blogs that fill the internet.

That is why I blog. I blog as an outlet for my thoughts. I blog because I think, probably inaccurately, that others might benefit from reading what I am thinking about. I blog because I am not great at talking to my kids. I blog as a mirror for myself, to see where my walk doesn’t match my talk. I blog for lots of reasons and they all have a lot to do with me.

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James said...

I'm leaving this one alone...haha...But oh yeah, I'm all over white on rice..

Bethany said...


Thank you for your honesty. I think we all blog for about the same reasons. And, I do have a real struggle with thinking I am selfish for taking the time to write. But, at the end of the day I am compelled to write. I have to write. The same feelings that motivate us to blog, are what motivates great thinkers to write books (ok, and some not-so-great-thinkers as well).

Anyway, thanks for echoing some of the thoughts in my head. I know that I am not the only one who thinks I am a narcissist, yet keeps on blogging, because I also see the good in it.

Another thought... just because we find pleasure in something does not mean it is not also used for the glory of God! I praise God that I can find pleasure in using the gifts and the mind that He gave me.


Ur Man CD said...

I absolutely love this post, Arthur, it is spot on in every way and is worthy of top quality commendation and I have to say it's because of this level of frank openness and stuff that makes your blog all the more worth reading.

And Bethany is also so cool with her point as well. Great stuff, keep it going ... or not, whichever you choose. It's up to you, it's your blog!!