Sunday, March 21, 2010

We are all called to make disciples

A refreshing word from the 9 Marks blog More on Disciple-Making:

Second, every Christian should feel the responsibility to make disciples. How can every Christian be discipled if that job of disciple-making is left to the pastors or a select few in the congregation? That simply isn't possible. Some will be better at this than others. Some will be more interested than others. But we all have the responsibility to encourage others to follow Christ more closely. We all have the responsibility to help others grow. The Great Commission is for all which means discipling is for all.

Quite true. The model of a couple of people in a local body discipling everyone else doesn't work. You don't have to look very hard in the church to see the truth of this. We are all called to be in the business of discipling one another. Pastors need to be discipled and not just at once a year theology conferences and pastors cannot and should not be the only ones who disciple others. The church is a "one another" deal, not a "one to all the others".

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