Monday, March 22, 2010

What Benedict Bart Stupak hath wrought

If you are concerned with issues surrounding the sanctity of life, it is instructive (and nauseating) to see how men and women elected to represent the American people were blatantly bought out by Nancy Pelosi and company. If that is not bad enough, while many Congressmen got some pricey goodies for their district in exchange for their votes, "Benedict Bart" Stupak got a meaningless "executive order" and by switching his vote showed that in the end his party loyalty trumps his commitment to the sanctity of human life. Check out the link on my other blog to see the ugly side of politics on full display. We are less than eight months out from the November election, let's hope that our memories last at least that long.


Edwin said...

What a disappointing joke Stupak is. He was not duped as some think, though his interview by Megan Kelly on Fox News sure made him look rather stupid. He simply sold his supposed anti-abortion soul. Wasted.

Edwin said...

Well, maybe some airport funding in "Stupes" district is the price for the taxpayer funded baby deaths. From his website only two days before he switched his vote:

I cannot tell when it was posted there.

Homer said...

Doh!!! Bart!!!