Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grab your torches and pitchforks!

Oh boy. Some independent, true blue fundie (not like those other, pseudo-fundamentalists, this guy is the real deal!) is claiming some sort of unverifiable yet incontrovertible proof that John Piper is having Rick Warren as a keynote speaker at the Desiring God conference in 2010. Granted, the Desiring God 2010 conference webpage doesn't list the speakers yet but this guy is in the know! I have a hard time believing that Desiring God hasn't listed or verified the speakers on their own webpage but they did verify it to this guy with an axe to grind with Piper, with John MacArthur, with Al Mohler, with the Sharper Iron blog, with....well with everyone apparently.

Ugh. Maybe this is true, more likely it is not. It sounds out of character for Piper. It certainly is not verified (although one commenter suggests that perhaps Piper is not saved based on this unfounded rumor). I will reserve any judgment on this until we hear from Dr. Piper. Regardless, this blog posting of a rumor is further incentive to steer clear of people who are more concerned with being "Jen- Ewe - Wine!" fundamentalist than pretty much anything else.

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1 comment:

I am the Clay said...

Independent Fundamental Baptists frighten me. Seriously.

There is no grace found in their message. Just criticism, self righteousness,negativity and legalism.

Sad, but true.