Monday, March 15, 2010

Never have so many done so little with so much

Yikes, how true is this comment from Dave Black...

The fact is that we're not getting the job done. Not only this, but the massive irony is that at no other time in history has the church in North America been better situated to take the Gospel to every nation on earth. Yet we remain preoccupied with our own comfort and ease rather than with serving the world sacrificially. Studying Paul's teaching on weakness has reminded me that Christians can place their trust in only one thing -- the cross. Because of this, I find myself passionate in my opposition to the politicized Jesus of modern evangelicalism. (Have you noticed?)

We Americans live in unimaginable luxury in a world connected like never before. Yet we are preoccupied with political victories, with building ever more luxurious and comfortable churches, hiring more staff, buying more stuff for our homes, taking better vacations. We pay all sorts of lip service to the Great Commission but apparently we assume that the Great Commission only applies to sending checks to the missionaries on those postcards in the foyer. The Great Commission doesn't stop at the property line of our church building!

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