Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Why not?

The latest in the circus that is the Episcopalian Church...

LA Episcopal leaders nominate two gays as bishops

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Episcopal Church leaders in Los Angeles on Sunday nominated an openly gay priest and an openly lesbian priest as bishops in a move sure to ratchet up tensions in the global Anglican Communion.

The move follows an announcement on Saturday by the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota of three candidates identified to become the Bishop of Minnesota, including a partnered lesbian priest in Chicago.

But here is a question. Why shouldn't open homosexuals be named as "bishops"? Sure there are Biblical prohibitions against it, but there are also prohibitions against women being in authority over men and teaching. If you support women in teaching positions and having authority over men, why not homosexuals as church leaders? If your answer is that being a woman is not a sin but practicing homosexuality is, I would ask why the Scriptural restrictions on homosexual behavior are to be taken literally but prohibitions on women teaching are not. After all Paul says in Romans 1: 27 that homosexual behavior is shameful but he also says it is shameful for women to speak in church (1 Cor 14:35).

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Steve Martin said...

Why not, is right.

Why not two Dobermans and a Muskrat?

Why not a Muslim and a Jew?

Why not?