Monday, August 24, 2009

Prayer is in order

It goes without saying but it also bears saying. Our brothers and sisters, faithful in Christ and trying to hold to their fellowship in the ELCA, need our prayers now. Not passing "Oh yeah by the way" prayers, but serious, broken hearted prayers that God will lead them in this time of darkness. All test and trials are from God and He uses these times of trial and suffering to draw us to Himself. So please pray for these stalwart folks, broken hearted by the abandonment of the Gospel by those who were entrusted to shepherd them.

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Steve Martin said...

Thank you, Arthur, for you your heartfelt prayers for our broken church and for asking others to pray as well.

This is a horrible development for our denomination and it will probably be the last straw for many in my own congregation, including the pastor.

Steve said...

"The social statement on human sexuality – the theological premise for the ministry proposal – is based on the doctrine of justification. This is a novel and dubious departure not only from historic Lutheran exegesis but from the Christian tradition as a whole, where human sexuality has been understood on the basis of Scripture (law, which applies to God’s people) and the orders of creation which applies to everyone. This also, it seems to me, reveals the utter absence of any meaningful doctrine of sin within the progressive elements of the ELCA and their gospel of radical inclusion."

From my pastor (ELCA).

I thought it was worth sharing with you.


gloria said...

Absolutely praying. My heart is so saddend by yet another church fallen away into false teaching.

So sad,

ps. Steve, I am truly sorry. What a heart break for you and for other Lutherans who hold God's word so close to their hearts. May God order your steps and lead you in strait paths.