Sunday, August 09, 2009

Atheists acting badly

It seems like some of our atheistic fellow citizens took it upon themselves to visit the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. Apparently some 285 self-described atheists came to the Creation Museum and unfortunately a small minority of them caused a ruckus, were disruptive, were mocking the exhibits and events and generally being rude. This is not much of a surprise because it was apparently their goal to cause a ruckus. Read the article above regarding the disruption the group from the "Secular Student Alliance" caused. A number of times members of this group had to be asked to not disrupt other visitors and one person was escorted off the property after being repeatedly warned. Keep in mind that the Creation Museum is private property. Read this account of some of the chicanery going on:

Other incidents (but which were probably not disruptive for our guests, except for those driving into the property at the time) … The prof and a few dozen of his followers walked off the grounds and held a rally in front of the museum entrance. There, a ram’s horn was blown (I suppose this was borrowing from Joshua 6 when a ram’s horn was blown, signally that the walls of Jericho were to come tumbling down. I guess it was their “statement” that the SSA had “conquered” the museum, but I did not hear what was said). Also, our security staff indicated that a mock communion service was held out front where crackers with cheese were served.

Apparently, this sort of stuff is what passes for intelligent discourse. It is pretty telling that a "professor" was leading this circus for students. I wonder who has the more honest and open position, the Creation Museum which tries to explain it's position in a polite and intelligent way or a circus atmosphere of mocking something like the Lord's Supper? I will let the discerning reader make their own decision here. You can also read the accounts of this trip and the planning beforehand and see just exactly what sort of deep thinking, open-minded people you are dealing with on the Secular Student Alliance webpage.

Contrast this with the outrage shown by many people on the Left that citizens are expressing themselves at town hall meetings.

There is of course a big difference between tax paying citizens expressing themselves at a public forum that is supposed to be a forum for citizens to express themselves to their elected officials and people disrupting families that spent their own money to visit a private museum. Many families travel great distances, at great expense to voluntarily come to the Creation Museum and enjoy themselves. It is a sign of the general coarseness and rudeness of our society that these atheists saw fit to try to disrupt through overt actions and mockery what was intended to be a family experience.

You can also read about the incident at ABC News here.

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Jeff Nelson said...


Looks like the Secular Student Alliance just gave the Creation Museum some free publicity...


Arthur Sido said...


That is true and I think the behavior contrast speaks volumes. One side is patient, welcoming even and courteous. The other side is reduced to being rude and disruptive, using crude mockery to try to make their points. I will score this one a solid win for the Creation Museum!