Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Which is of more value, a dog or an unborn child?

On the front cover of the USA Today sports section are two sidebar articles. One is about interest running high among NFL teams to sign Michael Vick. The other is about Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino paying for an abortion. The contrast in tone is amazing.

Michael Vick was convicted of dog fighting. Now, I like dogs and all, but Vick has done his jail time, has apologized, is willing to make amends and now just wants to move on and get a shot at playing again. He spent quite a long time in jail for dog fighting, 23 months (contrasted with the less than a month Donte Stallworth spent in jail for killing a man while driving under the influence). The team that signs him is going to face a lot of grief and protests from animal rights kooks, so this is more than the normal signing process. I have never really thought Vick was a great quarterback, I mean he is lightning fast but he doesn’t have a great arm. Nevertheless, all things being equal any team in the NFL would love to have Michael Vick playing for them if it weren’t for that pesky dog fighting conviction. It is possible, although improbable, that Vick will never play in the NFL again and lose untold

Meanwhile, Rick Pitino paid $3000 for a woman to murder the child he fathered and he is the victim in this because the woman was trying to extort money from him. The report makes little note of the abortion or the unborn child killed. Even in conservative Kentucky, I doubt there will be serious calls for Pitino to be called to account for participating in an abortion. They take a lot of things seriously in Kentucky, but nothing more seriously than basketball. I fully expect that Rick Pitino will continue coaching as if nothing happened and by the start of the season no one will care.

What kind of twisted values do we have in this country where a man pays for the murder of his own child and gets away with it with no repercussions other than some embarrassment and another man is convicted of dog fighting and not only gets almost two years of jail time in a Federal pen but possibly has his career ruined?

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1 comment:

Eric said...

In our perverse society the dogs were wanted and the baby wasn't. That seems to settle it for most people.

May God have mercy on our country.