Saturday, August 22, 2009

I see dead people

That was great. The Jehovah's Witnesses just stopped by and were taken aback at how enthusiastically my wife invited them in. Luckily (providentially!) she had just cleaned up the living room yesterday, so we had them in and parked them on the couch facing my book shelf. This is horribly prideful of me but I got a kick out of them glancing at the bookshelf teeming with commentaries and theological books. We spoke a bit about the nature of Jesus Christ, I brought up the "Who do you say that I am?" passage. They didn't want much to do with that line of questioning. We spent most of our time on hell and eternal damnation, with a liberal sprinkling of Reformed theology thrown in. It is way easier to explain stuff like hell and salvation when you approach it from a Reformed soteriology. We invited them back, they said they would come back next Saturday. I am not sure if they will, I hope so. Nothing beats lost people coming right to your door and being willing to hear the Gospel preached. I praise God that he opened my mind and emboldened my mouth to declare the oracles of God, and I pray for Dan and Victor that God would soften their hearts to hear His word.

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Jeremy Lee said...

I too enjoy inviting Jehovah's Witnesses in to talk. Even though, it is obvious I am the pastor of a church because I live in the parsonage behind it. I had a couple of JWs visiting with me for 3-4 weeks, but they quit coming. I stopped by the Kingdom Hall and left my address inviting them back but no one has visited.

I was told by some church members that it is unbiblical to invite them into one's home because of 2 John 10. So, not only do I get to straighten JWs out, but I also have to straighten out the members of my church. How could we pass an opportunity to preach when its placed on literally on our doorstep?

Arthur Sido said...

I have heard that before (2 john). I guess if God is going to deliver a couple of lost souls to my doorstep, I will gladly have them come in to hear Christ proclaimed. Unfortunately a lot of people who say you shouldn't let JWs or mormons into your house won't walk across the street to witness to their lost neighbor either.