Monday, July 31, 2017

July Was A Good Month (For Blogging)

Twenty posts in July, a recent high for me that I haven't matched since September of 2015. The news cycle has helped and the crazy world of the Southern Baptist Convention of course. Like many things, blogging is a discipline that requires work and it is a lot easier to get out of the habit than it is to stay in practice so I am more pleased than perhaps makes sense about my output for the month.

It is not simply for the sake of publishing something, as I generally post longer stuff that I work on for a while, and it obviously is not for the page views or the non-existent revenue. No, what makes me pleased is that it represents something accomplished, even if most people don't think of blogging as accomplishing anything other than the stroking of an ego. For me and where I am, it represents something I have some control over, something I can create and that gives me a sense of completion and accomplishment. It is not much but right now I will take it.

Here's to a an even better blogging month in August!

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