Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You! Yes, you! I Need Your Help!

I mentioned yesterday, somewhat cryptically, that I have a new book project in the works. As part of my project I am soliciting the opinions of others to be part of a brief survey, specifically brothers who are Reformed or Anabaptist.

Are you part of the Reformed camp, whether one of the newer "young, restless, reformed" crowd or a member of a traditional, confessional Reformed denomination? I need your help!

Are you an Anabaptist, especially if you are part of a traditional Anabaptist denomination (which pretty much means Mennonite if you are reading this)? Or are you just leaning Anabaptust (Ana-Curious?)? I need your help!

If you would like to participate, let me know! Hit me on Facebook or direct message me on Twitter. The survey will be short and mostly free form about your experiences so nothing too intrusive or time consuming but getting some feedback will be critical to the success of my project. So hit me up friends!

1 comment:

Goblin said...

Hi Arthur

happy to take part in your survey if it would be helpful - UK perspective!

Paul Goodwin (Goblin)