Thursday, June 04, 2015

There Is No Pleasing Them So Stop Trying

The governor of my state of Indiana is in the spotlight again, this time for failing to be sufficiently obsequious to the attendees of the upcoming Circle City IN Pride Festival where men ride rainbow festooned floats wearing speedos or dressed like women. Governor Mike Pence apparently published a letter of welcome that was insufficiently welcoming and that has some people up in arms. Those who are complaining sense blood in the water after the cowardly response of Governor Pence to the RFRA kerfuffle and they are after him again. I wouldn't be surprised if the Governor sent out a revised welcome letter.

Short of Governor Pence appearing in leather or drag and begging these sad individuals to come to Indiana on his knees, nothing would placate these people so you might as well not bother trying. On the other hand various cultural conservative groups are upset that he welcomed groups that parade around the streets of Indiana dressed in next to nothing or wearing clothes intended to shock normal people. He really can't win on this issue but again trying to make some people happy, people who oppose everything he is doing and wouldn't vote for him with a gun to their heads, is foolish. Somewhere along the way someone has convinced us that no matter what someone is doing we need to welcome them to our country/state/city because they might bring in a couple of bucks. If NAMBLA or ISIS wanted to have an event in Indiana, should the governor welcome them with open arms? What about the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Nation? Indiana is what it is and Hoosier are who we are. If you don't like, don't come.

Seriously, if you took the vast majority of prominent Republican leaders and took all of their vertebrae I doubt you could assemble a single spinal column. At least fringe people like Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders have some actual convictions to stand for.

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