Saturday, May 23, 2015

While You Slept

Thanks largely to Senator Rand Paul, the United States Senate at least temporarily blocked a renewal of the horrible law with the risible name of "the Patriot Act", risible because the sweeping and anti-Constitutional powers granted by that law are the very opposite of patriotic. The idea that in the name of keeping us "safe" we should submit to constant surveillance by the government does such violence to the principles of America in general and the 4th Amendment in particular that it never should have even been brought up for a vote in the first place.

I am sure this is a temporary setback and many people missed it due to the conveniently timed furor over the Duggar reality show which kept the news of Hillary Clinton releasing a handful of carefully selected emails on the Friday before Memorial Day. If you think that the Duggar news storm happening at the same time, on that day is a coincidence rather than an intentional move by the willing accomplices of the news media obsessed with electing Hillary Clinton (Like George "What Conflict Of Interest" Stephanapolous), I have some lovely property with mountain vistas to sell you in Indiana. Regardless each time someone can put a speed bump in the way of the government monitoring innocent citizens accused of no crime, it is a win for liberty.

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Unknown said...

Those mountain vistas sound nice. Do you take good stamps?