Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Take It Back Al!

Oh please Al Gore, I beg your forgiveness for ever doubting global warming! Five days before Memorial Day and this is the weather...

Some stuff is so patently dumb and demonstrably false that, in spite of the insistence of a tiny minority that it is "settled science", the only good and proper response is mockery.


Aussie John said...


I love it!!

Chris Jefferies said...

Is mockery ever the right response for someone who follows Jesus? And on a point of accuracy, Arthur, where you write 'tiny minority', the real figure is somewhere round the 97% mark. See this article for the details.

Arthur Sido said...

Chris, sometimes mockery is the only right response. Of course it is not like a scientific consensus has ever been later proven to be completely bogus, right?

Chris Jefferies said...

You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, Arthur. But that is really all it is.

There is a seriously massive amount of evidence for climate change being real and for for human activity being the major cause. It's time to accept that we have a severe problem and to urgently find ways to avoid making things even worse than they need to be.

It would be very unwise to risk so much on a whim. Yes, sometimes a scientific consensus is later found to be wrong, but it's a very tiny proportion. The technology we take for granted every day is all based on scientific principles that work. But above all, we do well to honour Christ in all things.

What is your opinion of the BioLogos approach, Arthur?