Thursday, December 11, 2014

By the grace of God we can raise $2.2 million to support our radio show and webpage!

Ok, every year about this time I get the same emails and I post the same posts. So yeah it is repetitive but it needs to be pointed out again and again. And yeah it is usually Ligonier that I poke at because they have the most outrageous requests. So in my email today ( you might need to click the picture to see it clearly)....


That's a lotta moolah.

I am all for solid Biblical teaching and I think that R.C. Sproul and company provide a lot of great content. I also understand that there is a cost to a ministry, if you want to call Ligonier that. But 2.2 million dollars? A ministry that I support as I can that I will not name here to avoid linking them with my snarkiness reported revenue of less than 20% of what Dr. Sproul is asking for to meet Ligonier's year end need. With those funds they provided housing, food, education and medical care to a ton of orphans. Is that a less pressing, less Christ-honoring need than an audio-visual teaching service?

Anyway, enough of that. I just had to vent a bit. Feel free to send money to Ligonier, better there than Joel Osteen or Benny Hinn and we do need more solid teaching in the church but as for me my extra money will go to orphans.

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