Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anabaptism In Australia

I read this article this morning, Upside-down kingdom down under, and thought it was interesting. It is easy to get into the mindset that Anabaptism is restricted to North America but it has a strong history in Europe (obviously!) although it is not as common today, as well as in South America and Australia/New Zealand. It seems to me that Anabaptism, in a big tent definition sort of way, speaks strongly to a lot of people who are looking for something outside of the rigid, ritualistic traditional church structures. The challenge is to retain orthodoxy while embracing a wide variety of expressions that find common roots in the radical reformation while also being on guard against legalistic tradtionalism. For those who are willing to study the Anabaptists with their mind and Bible open, the tradition speaks strongly to the world and culture we find ourselves in today.

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